How You Can Help Fight Hunger and Food Insecurity in the US

America is, in many ways, a land of opportunity. But this makes it even more horrible that so many families – roughly 1 in 6 – go hungry every day. This includes some 13 million children… children who are missing out on so many opportunities just because they cannot have their basic needs met. So, how can we as good citizens fight hunger? The Happy Tooth Foundation has chosen to focus on the issue of food insecurity as a concrete way to make progress on this issue.

So, how can we fight hunger? The Happy Tooth Foundation has chosen to focus on the issue of food insecurity as a concrete way to make progress on this issue.

What is Food Insecurity?

Food insecurity (also called food scarcity) is the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. It is a measurable problem that afflicts households across the nation, and it hits homes with children hardest.

While food insecurity is most rampant in impoverished neighborhoods, it is an issue that touches all of us. The amount of potential that is wasted in this country simply due to a lack of adequate food is astonishing. By fighting food insecurity, we are helping ensure that children have a fighting chance at leading happy, productive lives.

Indeed, the next great athlete, scientist, or President of the United States might be among the kids we serve!

Small Ways You Can Help Fight Hunger

While we work with communities to help fight hunger by reducing food insecurity, we hope that you, the concerned individual, will take some simple steps to fight hunger with us:

Become Aware. Food insecurity is a pretty large problem in this country. But it often flies under the radar. Read up on the facts and the learn the truth about hunger in America.

Participate in Food Drives. Many organizations already run food drives to help stock local pantries (the Boy Scouts of America and Mers Goodwill are good examples). When the call comes, don’t ignore it. Stock up and donate needed items.

Advocate for Federal Nutrition Programs. Roughly one in four Americans depend on USDA food and nutrition assistance programs in some form or other. These include programs such as SNAP, WIC, and public school breakfast and lunch initiatives. No matter how you might feel about public spending, the truth is that these programs reach roughly 20 times more people than traditional food pantries – including many children who would not otherwise get an adequate meal.

Volunteer Your Time. The Happy Tooth Foundation is always looking for volunteers to lend their time and energy to help run events and support local organizations. Giving your time is a good way to help, right in your own community.

Donate. Groceries, mentorship, dental care, swim instruction, and camp support…there are many tools for helping families win the fight against food scarcity. Every little bit you can spare helps families, especially families with children, find a brighter future. And we pledge to be good stewards of your money.

Sponsor a Camper. If you really want to see the impact your money has, consider sponsoring a child. Your sponsorship will help a child facing food insecurity, giving them the chance to eat, learn, and experience a healthy lifestyle.

Tell Others. This is the most critical step. Food insecurity often manifests as “silent hunger,” meaning that most children who suffer do so in ways that we cannot see. Indeed, the majority of Americans are unaware of the issues of food insecurity and food scarcity. So: Share articles, tell your friends, send emails. Do whatever it takes to let your friends, family, and followers know about this growing problem!

Show Your Support. And of course, the simplest step is to join us and help end food insecurity, and sign up for our subscription (look for our form on this page) to stay up-to-date about events, Summer Camps highlights, sponsorships, and other community activities.fight hunger