Are you ready to support our mission?

Are you ready to have a hand in reducing the number of hungry kids in our nation today? Our mission cannot be realized without the contributions of our donors. Through your tax deductible donation  we are able to raise awareness of food insecurity and help feed children throughout the nation.

If you answered “Yes!” we’re ready and eager to get you started! You can make an either a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation, all which are tax deductible. Donations are processed through PayPal. (You don’t need an account, but you may use an existing account if you have one.)

How to Donate:

To help hungry kids get regular meals.

  1. Fill out the donate form on this page
  2. Decide on your donation amount and whether you wish to make it a one-time or recurring.
  3. Submit and be taken through the PayPal process.

Donate Form:

Enter your donation amount and decide if you wish to make it a monthly recurring donation.

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