We are a 501(C)3 non-profit on a mission to help underserved youth build self-esteem through healthy living, teamwork, and sports.

We fulfill this mission in several different ways, but are focusing on two main initiatives in 2019:


Summer Camp Opportunities


In the past, The Foundation has independently operated the “Yes I Can!” triathlon camp. In 2019, rather than offer its own camp, The Foundation will be providing scholarships to 13 underserved children to attend summer camp in North Carolina. Campers will have the choice between two weeks of day camp, or one week of sleep-away camp. All the camps that will be offered will provide an amazing summer experience attendees would otherwise be unable to afford.

The Plow + Share Farm

Located in Graham, NC (just outside of Chapel Hill), The Happy Tooth Foundation is in the beginning stages of a fully sustainable farm named the Plow + Share Farm. We currently have a full-time farmer on site and the food that he produces will be used to provide our campers with boxes of food each week over the summer. As we build out the land, this will grow to provide more folks, more food. 

Want to Join in on Our Mission?

We have ambitious visions and are in need of financial support in order to bring them to life. Please consider donating today and helping us empower kids!

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The Moray Family is helping fight food insecurity in the US

Our Founders

Dr. Larry and Dr. Jin Yi have always believed in creating opportunities for youth to succeed and reach their full potential. They realized that an important part of this process was providing food security and healthy lifestyle choices particularly to those in need. They believed that creating a local organization that could also have an impact nationally would be the best use of their time and resources.

This came to fruition in the form of The Happy Tooth Foundation, which empowers youth and addresses food insecurity with its “Yes I Can” Summer Camp Scholarships and Plow + Share Farm. Their hope is that the Foundation will continue to expand so that it may positively affect as many youth as possible.