We are a 501(C)3 non-profit on a mission to empower children to reach their full potential by building four pillars of success: food security, physical wellness, self-esteem and literacy.

We fulfill this mission in several ways, with the cornerstone being our “Yes I Can” Summer Camp. Specifically, we combine a strong foundation of physical fitness with the security of food stability during a time period where children who rely on subsidized lunches throughout the school year would be without.

The campers participate daily in cycling, running and swimming to inspire a passion for athletics and encourage the camaraderie, interpersonal skills and self-esteem that come with team sports. The goal of the camp is to empower our campers to say “Yes I Can!” and create and inspire the building blocks for lifelong success.

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The Moray Family is helping fight food insecurity in the US

Our Founders

Dr. Larry and Dr. Jin Yi have always believed in creating opportunities for youth to succeed and reach their full potential. They realized that an important part of this process was providing food security and healthy lifestyle choices particularly to those in need. They believed that creating a local organization that could also have an impact nationally would be the best use of their time and resources.

This came to fruition in the form of The Happy Tooth Foundation, which addresses food insecurity nationally with a network of volunteers and locally with the “Yes I Can” Summer Camp. Their hope is that the Foundation will continue to expand so that it may positively affect as many youth as possible.