“Yes, I Can!” Triathlon Summer Camp

"Yes, I Can!" Summer Tri Camp

Combining a Strong Foundation of Physical Fitness with Food Stability

The Happy Tooth Foundation has developed the “Yes I Can” summer triathlon camp held for youth facing food insecurity. Specifically, we combine a strong foundation of physical fitness with food stability during a time where children who rely on subsidized school lunches would otherwise be without. The campers participate daily in cycling, running and swimming to inspire a passion for athletics and encourage camaraderie and interpersonal skills that come with team sports.

The goal of the camp is to create and inspire the building blocks for lifelong success. The camp was cultivated based on the latest research indicating that providing children with a stable source of food throughout the year will help them focus and succeed in many other aspects of their lives. In addition to the physical aspects of camp we also focus on literacy as a key component to the program to continue to build the cognitive skills that are vital to succeed in life. We believe that our organization offers a unique opportunity for youth to learn the fun and joy of sport while providing the food security that everyone deserves.

What Happens at Camp?

Tri Skills

– Daily run, bike and swim

– Proper bike maintenance and etiquette 

– Goal Setting and Team Building

Life Skills

– Regular academic math

– Reading refresher

– Healthy food and life choices

– Mentorship from community members, athletes and businesspeople

Games + Fun

– Music Lessons

– Arts and Crafts

– Field Trips

– Basketball/Kickball/4 Square

– Capture the Flag

– Treasure Hunts

Our Past, Present and Future!

2017 was the inaugural year of camp. Nine campers entered the program and spent two months learning the ins and outs of triathlon while receiving daily nutritious meals. By the end of the session, each successfully completed the Tar Heel Youth Triathlon. Due to the overwhelming success of the program, we have decided to expand in 2018 to allow more campers to join.

We aren’t stopping there! We have a vision of creating a level playing field for as many of this country’s under-privledged youth as possible. This will require an expanded facility and staff so we need your help to turn the dream into a reality. Please help us bridge the gap between those who have and those who need by making a donation today!

Have other skills or equipment you are considering donating to the camp? Please contact us at info@thehappytoothfoundation.org and let us know how you want to be involved.

Turning I Wish into "I CAN!"