The Plow + Share Farm

Located in Graham, North Carolina, the Plow + Share farm is a small-scale, horse-powered farm on a mission to provide vibrantly fresh, sustainably grown produce and eggs for local families whose lives are impacted by food insecurity. In addition to providing area families with fresh food, Plow + Share hopes to connect these underserved families with the farm itself through a variety of educational and community-building efforts. 

The farm’s initial goal, beginning in the summer of 2019, will be to serve the recipient families of The Happy Tooth’s summer camp scholarships by providing them with free weekly boxes of seasonal, nutrient-dense foods throughout the summer growing season. Moving forward, the farm hopes to expand the number of families served by its weekly food boxes, as well as to provide those families (and children, in particular) with on-site educational opportunities, from farm activities to cooking classes–all with the goal of connecting folks to the land, fostering a better understanding of “where food comes from,” and inspiring a passion for preparing and eating fresh, healthy, minimally processed foods. 

How Can You Help?

Plow + Share’s head farmer, Patrick Flanagan, is in the process of building out the farm’s initial infrastructure and improving the soil in advance of the first growing season. From building a greenhouse and gathering farm equipment to developing irrigation and fencing systems, the farm is in need of financial support.  Please consider making a donation to help bring its ambitious vision to life. 

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